10 Awesome Summer Kitchen Hacks

  • 10 Awesome time-saving kitchen tricks to use in the summer. Whether you want to use your oven as a grill or carve a pineapple, these simple kitchen life hacks will save you time and even money! If you enjoyed this, SUBSCRIBE HERE: www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=HouseholdHacker
    Topics covered:
    1. Grilling with the broiler
    2. Carving a pineapple
    3. Make a basting brush out of herbs
    4. Microwave Corn in the husk
    5. Washing Shoes in the Dishwasher
    6. Bubble Wrap Cooler (Keep Ice Cream Cold)
    7. Seal a bag of chips
    8. Keep Bugs out of Beverages
    9. Make Ice Cubes out of fruit
    10. DIY Snowcone using fruit juice
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