7 SHOCKING TWITCH MOMENTS CAUGHT LIVE ON CAMERA (Ninja forgot to turn off stream)

  • When cameras are running, something crazy is bound to happen. For those who live stream on Twitch, those happenings are sometimes witnessed by thousands of people at the same time. Lucky for us, many of the craziest moments have been immortalized on Youtube.
    Here are 7 most shocking moments caught live on twitch.
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    ➽ Streamer caught faking disability
    A guy called ZiloanOP was banend from Twich for fraud. The guy claimed to be paralyzed below the waste and could only be seen in a wheelchair when he streamed. Untill when he forgot to turn off his stream and magically stood up and walk. It is claimed he earned over 20.000$ in donations with his streams. He was immediately banned from Twitch.tv after accusations he faked disability.
    ➽ The Creatures Get Swatted
    An anonymous user reported Jordan Matthewson, known as online gamer Kootra, was armed and holding hostages. Kootra filmed the moment a heavily armed SWAT unit burst into his home and ‘swatted’ him while he was playing an online shooting game. Mathewson said people have pranked them in the past by ordering pizzas in their name or having taxis sent to their homes, but said he didn't have any idea who called the SWAT team.
    ➽ Female Streamer Gets Robbed At Gunpoint, Viewers Call Police
    A popular gamer Elise with the name of sajedene on twitch was robbed by armed men around 5 am, while she was in the midst of playing the online multiplayer game "Dota 2." Her Twitch viewers, however, took it upon themselves to come to the rescue by contacting the players to figure out where the ill-fated streamer lived.
    Later the police showed up and arrested one of the suspect, The other suspect managed to evade the police.
    ➽ Girl almost loses her eye on live twitch stream
    During a break from playing Black Ops II, Sara Kate by the Twitch username Sarakateee, was nuzzling up to her cat, Olive, who was perched on the back of her chair. Her request for kisses from the cat was met with a powerful full-claw slap to the face, resulting in some bloody tears that look like something out of True Blood.
    After a trip through the hospital, Sara Kate took to Twitter to ensure her viewers that after some recovery from the attack, she would be fine.
    ➽ Minecraft Player Live Streams House Fire
    Japanese streamer Daasuke has live-streamed the moment when he accidentally set his room on fire - after dropping a flame on a bundle of tissue paper covered in lighter fluid.
    He appears to panic and can be seen using a number of flammable objects to attempt to put it out, but this only fuels the flames until the room is filled with smoke.
    ➽ AnaPlaying Burns Her Hair
    While live streaming herself playing League of Legends, Twitch user AnaPlaying found herself in a bit of a pickle after casually playing with a lighter a little too close to her head. Ana quickly pats her head free of flames.
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