How to Start a Twitch Stream with Streamlabs OBS - Twitch Tutorial

  • How to start a Twitch Stream using Streamlabs OBS. In this tutorial, I show you how to start a Twitch stream with Streamlabs OBS. Starting a Twitch stream is very easy and can be done in less than 10 minutes. Streamlabs OBS is very similar to OBS Studio and is a free. Streamlabs OBS allows you to configure and start a stream on Twitch and other live streaming services such as YouTube and Mixer. Please leave a comment if you have any questions while starting your first Twitch live stream.
    The main difference between Streamlabs OBS and OBS Studio is that Streamlabs OBS includes all of their alerts and widgets. This means you can add an alertbox (donations, bits, subscriptions, hosts, and followers), The Jar, Follower Goals, Donations goals, Bit Goals, Donation ticker, Chatbox, Stream Boss, Credits, Viewer Count, Spin Wheel, and Stream Label. Adding these requires no code or plugins, it's all included in Streamlabs OBS. Please note that at the creation of this Twitch tutorial, Streamlabs OBS is not compatible with Mac, only Windows.
    Get Streamlabs OBS here:
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    Download Twitch here:
    Follow the steps below to start a Twitch stream with OBS Studio
    1. Go to and download the beta of Streamlabs OBS
    2. Install and run Streamlabs OBS. (Download Here:
    3. Once installed, login to Streamlabs OBS using your Twitch account.
    4. Add sources that make up the foundation of your stream. In this tutorial we add Display Capture and Text (GDI+) with a Video Capture Device example.
    5. Now add the Streamlabs Widget sources. In this tutorial we show Follower alerts and tip jar.
    6. Once you have added your sources test the Streamlabs widgets, by selecting test widgets in the bottom right of Streamlabs OBS.
    7. If the streamlabs widget test is successful, it's time to go live. Start your stream by selecting Go Live in the bottom right of Streamlabs OBS.
    8. Configure your stream title and game, then select Confirm & Go Live.
    9. You are now live streaming on Twitch
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